Monday, September 15, 2008

Ways to Boost Metabolism

Most of us care about our diets in almost every day. But we can not stop the cravings that we have on foods. We eat foods without knowing how they can affect our diets. And when we fell bloated, that will be the time that we think of losing our weight, which is not a good idea.

Are you familiar with metabolism? Metabolism is the rate at which your body burns calories. We all have different rate. This rate varies from person to person and with the influence of age, sex or through heredity. It involves a complex network of hormones and enzymes. Just not only to convert food into fuel but also affect how efficiently you burn that fuel.

To boost metabolism also means to get a healthy diet. But how can you do that? Here are some ways to boost metabolism:

Boost metabolism by proper exercise. We all know that exercise burn calories. Swimming, walking, jogging and aerobics are few of the exercises that you can do in about 30 to 60 minutes a day and five times a week if possible.

Avoid starving and do not skip your meals. If you want to lose weight, starving is not the answer. Always make it a habit to eat your breakfast everyday because if you don't your metabolism will slow down. Just make sure that you are eating a healthy morning meal. Starving is a big NO. It will just let your calorie intake for about below 1,000 and will cause your metabolism to slow down.

Always eat regular meals. If necessary, eat with snacks to give your body a constant supply of healthy fuel. And don't forget to drink water because the energy burning process of metabolism needs water to work effectively.

As far as possible stop your self from wanting your favorite foods. Sometimes when you eat that favorite foods of yours, there is a tendency that you keep coming back for more. This will give you a possibility that you will be craving to eat that foods you over and over again and you will end up over eating.

There still a lot of ways to boost metabolism. If you are really determine to lose weight, learn to discipline your self. Losing weight is not that hard if you are determined to do so. Always remember that you are responsible for whatever things you are doing.

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Monday, September 8, 2008

Does the Grapefruit Diet Really Work ?

Most of the people who have researched about dieting or weight loss trough online have probably come across about the Grape Fruit Diet program. Theoretically you can reduce about a pound a day over a two week period. There also introduce a 3 day plan for those who are not able to stick it with 2 weeks program. Different people gain different experience as well as them really success with this grape fruit diet program.

Definitely it can't be a permanent solution to managing your weight. It is just a way to lose weight quickly and would probably work if you are intended to get married and needed to drop a few pounds for a wedding or also for a class reunion. Be in mind that once you lose weight with this grapefruit diet the weight will come back again if you stop the program. Because what you are losing is mostly fluids and not the fat in your body.

You must understand that the theory behind this diet is that grapefruit diet has a normal component that combined with a high protein diet that causes you to lose weight. In this program you will only be allowed to consume around 1000 calories on this diet per day. Actually 1000 calories is not a lot of calories that a person will consume in a day. You also can keep your weight if you discipline yourself and take few calories of food everyday.. Same like other diet program exercise is advised to be following and also there are of certain things that you must to eat. In this dietary program you will be asked to eat a grapefruit with each meal or drink a glass of unsweetened grapefruit juice everyday for the good impact.

You will also be required to be eating everything that is part of the grapefruit diet. They always advise you to finish up whatever that in your plate even you feel full.. Other than eating grape fruit and drinking a grape juice there is a grapefruit pill that you can take if you want to follow the diet but trust me it won't work as grapefruit. You always can get the pills in any nearby pharmacy or it can be purchased online.

What the grapefruit diet gives you is it is another quick loss weight diet plan. It will almost certainly help you reduce 5 to 10 pounds rather quickly if you need to. If you go for a long term diet plan under this program it will leave you disappointed. Because it is not a diet program that allows you to change you're eating habits. It's better for you if to control your weight and get success with your plan and be happy with the result.

There are always better ways to control your weight and return to healthy diet. Remember, results that last will not be proficient as quickly as reducing 10 pounds in 2 weeks time. It's really a bullshit program. Rather a successful diet plan will help you reduce weight gradually while showing you what foods are healthy for you and teaching you how much to eat it will be last long and you won't be gain weight even after you stop the program. So my humble request always stays away from diets such as the Grapefruit diet and you will have a much better chance of losing weight and marinating it.

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